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Remagen, Foxhole, and Henri-Chapelle Cemetary Courtesy of Ralf Kladt.

Andy at home 1945 THANKSGIVING! Based on new information from Vito LoPiccolo (B/310th), who knew Andy in the US Army, and served with him during training, they were given a 2 week furlough at Thanksgiving 1944, and this was the last time they saw home. In December they started preparation for deployment overseas.

Remagen Bridge Today

Remagen Bridge - Plaque Commemorating 78th Division's Role in taking of the bridge

C-Company Foxhole at Frankenforst, established night of 19 March or early a.m. of 20 March 1945, very close to the Frankenforst Farming Compound. Note 30-06 (M1 Garand) shell casing by metal detector (this was Andy's company).

You can see Frankenforst in the photos on the main page.

Closeup of 30-06 Garand Shell Casing Found at C-Company Foxhole

Henri-Chapelle Cemetary - where Andy was first buried.

Henri-Chapelle Cemetary Headstones

Palo Alto Times - Andrew Lincoln "Missing in Action" - article in Saturday April 7th, 1945 edition

Palo Alto High School Today

Old Saying over doorway to Auditorium at Palo Alto High - helped guide this generation

Gold Star Memorial Plaque at Palo Alto High School - listing all WW2 related deaths of Alumni (this plaque can be found at back west end of auditorium, behind main building.

Andy's House today at 1243 Parkinson Avenue

1945 Photo of Andy in front of house superimposed over same scene today.