Subject: Andrew Lincoln, KIA near Stieldorf/Germany Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 00:58:34 +0100 From: "Arno Blaskowski" <> To: <>

Dear Mr. Farrell,

I´ve read your letter about your uncle Anrew Lincoln in the "Flash" magazine which is a publication for the 78th Infantry Division Association. I´m in contact with this association for over two years now and I´m living in Koenigswinter/Germany. Stieldorf is a village that belongs to the City of Koenigswinter. Stieldorf is just one (!) mile away from where I´m living and maybe I can help you with your request. I have several unit histories of the 78th ID and I´m going to check them for you, but I think there´s not much concerning to Stieldorf. In addition to this I´m going to send you some photos that show how the area is looking today and I´m going to copy you some maps. These things could give you an idea about the place your uncle was killed, if you´ve no other reactions from the veterans. But before I´m sending these materials: maybe you´ve some more specific questions or requests to me. Please write to this E-mail adress - Arno Blaskowski is a friend of mine. Or send a Fax directly to me:

Ralf Klodt Fax 0049-2244-6355 Germany

If you like the informations that I´m going to send, maybe you´re able to give me a copy or copies (picture-to-picture) of some photos that were taken of your uncle during wartime, if you have some. Of course I´m going to pay for all expenses! It would be great to get something like this for my collection. Excuse me: "great" sounds a little bit strange concerning to your dead uncle. But I´m very interested in everything that had happened here in this area during the war. I appreciate very much what you´re doing, because someday I have to do the same. My grandfather is MIA in Russia.

Again: please ask everything you like via E-mail or Fax and then I´m going to help you as much as I can!


Ralf Klodt

PS: In April/May the 78th ID visits Belgium and Germany during a Battlefield Tour. As I did in 1997, I´ve invited the group to Koenigswinter. They´re going to stay in the area for 2 1/2 days. That would be the best way for you: to see the place where your uncle was killed! Think about it and ask Bill Parsons for all tour details!