Subject: Re: Andrew Lincoln, KIA near Stieldorf/Germany Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 11:00:39 -0800 From: Greg Farrell <> Organization: bayonet-dad - To: Arno Blaskowski <> References: 1

Dear Ralf,

I can't tell you how touched and overcome I was upon receiving your letter yesterday. It was as if Andrew himself was writing me through you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write and to care.

I will tell you here a little more about Andrew, which feel free to share with any of the veterans from C-Company, 1st battalion, when they visit this spring. I wish I could join the tour but more likely will be unable to due to job project commitments at HP.

I am also attaching some JPG photos I took this morning of Andrew and of his Purple Heart, awarded posthumously. The composite of Andrew is a photo I believe must have been take during Thanksgiving or Christmas leave in 1944 judging by the dry leaves and shadows on the ground in the photo, as I know he entered the Army in June of 1944, perhaps drafted out of High School or enlisted. I suspect this photo was taken right before he was sent overseas to join the 309th Regiment. The small inset photo is an earlier photo of Andrew which I suspect was taken of him in his Sea Scout uniform or perhaps an high school ROTC uniform, but it show his eyes well, which someone in his unit may well remember. You will note in the photo of him, the service star flag in the window. The lapel pin star my grandmother wore is visible in the Purple Heart photo.

My dad thinks he may be been a company clerk, but does not know actually for sure, though in looking closely at his markmanship medals on his breast, he has qualified for at least 3 different weapons, which would indicate to me he as just completed advanced infantry training, and intends to be a front-line soldier, not a company clerk. No one ever talked much about Andrew and his service years and I was too young to know to ask when my Grandmother and Grandfather were still living. [Note: at this point I had not received Stephen Dorenchuk's letter, which attested that Andrew could not have been a company clerk, would have had to have been in a line platoon, having been in action around Stieldorf, he states, "... Andrew may have been assigned to either the 1st or 2nd platoon or Co. HQ's - that's not likely since HQ was not engaged in shooting areas."]

Andrew had a father named Eldon and his mother was named Helen. His dad, my granddad, was a dentist and his mom, my grandmother, was a school teacher. He lived in Palo Alto, California, and attended Palo Alto High School before entering the service. Andrew was a avid sailor and was very active in Sea Scouts in Palo Alto at the local harbor. His sister, Carol, my mom, also attended Palo Alto High School and was a very strong swimmer. The family did a lot together, went places, camped. He and his dad built a Folbot, a type of kayak, with sails and outriggers. Andrew had a cat named "Jinxie". His day was a World War One veteran, was a machinist at one time, played flute and piccolo in the Palo Alto Symphony Orchestra, then later in the 1920's attended University of California at Berkeley to get his degree and dentistry. His mom also attended and graduated from Berkeley in around 1918. In fact, she was at UC Berkeley at the same time Jimmy Doolittle, the famous aviator, was there.

Andrew today is interred at the Golden Gate National Cemetary in South San Francisco, California, as are his dad, mom and sister (my mom passed away from Leukemia when I was fifteen years old in 1965).

So, unfortunately, that's about all I know about him. This photo is the only one we have of him in uniform and the smaller photo, as I indicated, I believe is when he is younger, so I suspect Sea Scouts uniform.

> I´ve read your letter about your uncle Anrew Lincoln in the "Flash" magazine > which is a publication for the 78th Infantry Division Association. I´m in > contact with this association for over two years now and I´m living in > Koenigswinter/Germany. Stieldorf is a village that belongs to the City of > Koenigswinter. Stieldorf is just one (!) mile away from where I´m living and > maybe I can help you with your request. I have several unit histories of the > 78th ID and I´m going to check them for you, but I think there´s not much > concerning to Stieldorf.

This is truly an incredible development, to have found you, so close to the spot where Andrew was KIA.

In addition to this I´m going to send you some > photos that show how the area is looking today and I´m going to copy you > some maps. These things could give you an idea about the place your uncle > was killed, if you´ve no other reactions from the veterans. > But before I´m sending these materials: maybe you´ve some more specific > questions or requests to me.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. There are a couple of questions I have. One, how many kilometers is Remagen from Stieldorf? The other is are there any civilians still alive in Stieldorf today, who were there living in March of 1945? Might they remember the events of the day when the Americans came through on March 21st 1945? If you get a chance to go there, perhaps you could inquire. Maybe someone remembers something. Every little piece of information I get helps to re-create who Andrew was, and what he did.

> Please write to this E-mail adress - Arno Blaskowski is a friend of mine. > Or send a Fax directly to me: > > Ralf Klodt > Oberscheuren 41 > 53639 Königswinter > Fax 0049-2244-6355 > Germany

I have your address and I take it you have mine for mailing:

Greg Farrell 5509 Dupont Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95409

By the way, Santa Rosa is the hometown of Charles Schultz who does the cartoon strip "Peanuts" with Snoopy, Linus and Lucie (you may know of it).

> > If you like the informations that I´m going to send, maybe you´re able to > give me a copy or copies (picture-to-picture) of some photos that were taken > of your uncle during wartime, if you have some. Of course I´m going to pay > for all expenses! It would be great to get something like this for my > collection. Excuse me: "great" sounds a little bit strange concerning to > your dead uncle. But I´m very interested in everything that had happened > here in this area during the war.

The photos are attached.

> I appreciate very much what you´re doing, because someday I have to do the > same. My grandfather is MIA in Russia.

I take it from your letter that you are German and your grandfather served in the Wermacht during the war on the Eastern Front. I have a person you might contact. His name is Denis Bazlov ( ). He is a Russian national currently studying International Law in Paris. His father was fairly high up in their aerospace industry as a scientist and so may have many contacts inside Russia to help you. Tell him I sent you should you wish to contact him. He and I have been corresponding for about 8 months now, and he is like a good friend, very family oriented. He is planning an long expedition to Siberia backpacking sometime in the future, and has asked me to go along, which I wish I could.

> PS: In April/May the 78th ID visits Belgium and Germany during a Battlefield > Tour. As I did in 1997, I´ve invited the group to Koenigswinter. They´re > going to stay in the area for 2 1/2 days. That would be the best way for > you: to see the place where your uncle was killed! Think about it and ask > Bill Parsons for all tour details!

Thank you for the information on this tour. At least I can keep in touch with members, even though will probably not be able to go. Surely wish I could though. What an opportunity of a lifetime!

I'll look forward to receiving your mail and the photos of the Stieldorf area.

With sincerest regards and gratitude,