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1917-1919 * St. Mihiel * Lorraine * Meuse-Argonne 1942-1946 * Ardennes * Rhineland * Central Europe
"To Preserve The Contacts and Traditions of the Lightning Division"

78th Division Sites

History of the 78th Division - Wikipedia website

78th Division WW2 Occupation History - US Army website

Lightning, The History Of The 78th Infantry Division in WWII - (Divisional Series) by Division Historical Committee

78th Infantry Division- WWII Living History Re-Enactment Unit - "The Lightning Division"

78th Division Association Members'Sites

My Dad Goes to War - Lynn K. Juckett - 78th Infantry Division Headquarters
created by Daniel Juckett as a tribute to his Dad. Excellent site with many photos!

The Search for Andrew E. Lincoln
[C-Company/309th Inf] - by Greg Farrell, webmaster, search for my uncle, who was with C-Co/309th of the 78th Division.

William Frazier Furr, a member of Company D, 309th Infantry Regiment
who was KIA near the Schwammenauel dam - a beautifully done website

William Block
"I was in the 78th inf division for 2 years, in 78th signal, but attached to 309th HQ throughout the war."

310th Regiment in WW1

Other Helpful Links

American Battle Monuments Commission

At first the main goal of this website was to tell the stories of the men who are buried or memorialized at the American Military Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle. But while doing research for this website and while talking to many veterans and relatives, it became very clear that there is more to tell then "just" about the men of Henri-Chapelle.

Library of Congress

Remagen Bridge Peace Museum Website


Other Veteran, Unit and Division Association Sites

2nd Armored Division Association

3rd Armored Division Association - Spearhead

4th Infantry Division Association

23rd Americal Division Association

69th ("The Fighting 69th") Infantry Division Association

70th Infantry Division Association

99th Infantry Division Association

100th Infantry Division


Other Interesting websites for military research related to 78th Division and Rhineland campaign

Arthur S. Tozar - French World War I Museum
The American Divisions engaged in our Region during the First World War

The 746th Tank Battalion
was with the 9th ID in the Remasgen Bridgehead

The 104th Infantry Division (Timberwolves)
came like the 1st ID late into the bridgehead. Later they found together with the 3rd Armored Division the largest underground factory during WW2 in east Germany. The caves at the City of Nordhausen called "Mittlebau Dora" produced all V2 rockets. Jewish slave workers died there in masses. It was anhihilation through work.

The 750th Tank Battalion
was with the 104th ID.

The D-Day Museum
founded by Stephen Ambrose opened on June 6th 2000

Engineering Battalions
This is a listing of the 41 U. S. Army Engineer Battalions active as of 31 July, 1997

Western Front maps

National Archives

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